Ready to Name Your Course?

We're Sharing 7 Critical Things You HAVE to Do Before You Name Your Course ūüėć

Congrats!¬†You've decided to launch your¬†course ūüéČ

Now...Are you STUCK with what to call it?  

You've probably already started brainstorming names right?

There's a lot of pressure to find the "perfect name."
Finding the right name is important! Not only will it represent you and your course but it will serve to attract the right people to you!

 Odds are going to spend a LONG time deciding the perfect name!


Use this helpful guide to fast-track creating the 'perfect name!" 

As you start the naming process, you'll want to do consider these 7 tips!

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Hi...I'm Deb Mitchell

Not only am I a Community Builder & Marketing Strategist but I LOVE naming things!

I'm frequently tagged in groups and hired to help people name their thing. Early in my marketing career I was lucky to work at some of the most well known design firms in the San Francisco Bay area and spent years working in the luxury goods market.
I've been involved with naming everything from businesses, products, courses and more! AI makes it a lot easier these days and I love using it as a tool...but I believe there is a LOT more to naming! I'm excited to share what I've learned along the way with you! You'll find I'm spilling A LOT of secrets in this course! 

I consider naming one of my secret superpowers!

Looking forward to working with you!

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