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Grow your membership.
Figure out your marketing.
Retain members.
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At Membership WOW, we focus on helping you figure out your marketing so you can build & retain your community by creating WOW experiences your members and customers will love! 

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Our 5 Ms of Community Management are our secret to building an amazing community

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As a community builder and membership owner, focusing on keeping your community happy SHOULD be one of your top concerns!

Are you overwhelmed with "all the things"? 

Do you worry about your members leaving?

Wish you could figure out how to improve your members' experience? 

 Out of ideas to attract new members?

Membership WOW can help!

There's one main way to improve your community...
it's looking closely at the experience you are currently delivering and taking it to the next level. 

This is super hard to do when you are the one who created it! Good news...we are here to help! Improving customer experiences with creative brainstorming is our superpower!


Creating Your Member
Experience is Critical


First Impressions

A new member's first impression is everything. Are you getting lots of questions like "I'm lost...", "When is X?" or even..."I missed X" These are all signs you need to improve your membership experience. Organization and flow are critical to keeping members happy!

Community & Connection

For many people, they join a membership for a community of other people like themselves. If your members connect with their peeps, then they are less likely to churn from your membership! BUT this doesn't happen naturally. Are you doing everything you can to foster connection?

Happiness & Fun

Yes, your members are there for your membership content, but are they happy consuming your content? What are you doing to make it fun? If people are enjoying learning, they are more likely to continue their membership! Are you doing enough to help move people through your content?


You've already done tons of hard work...built your audience, launched, created monthly content, and built a community...

But let's face it – when you started your membership you thought it would be different...something still doesn't feel right. You want more! 

Feeling like your membership is a "Hot Mess"?
Looking for a solution?

Try our DELIGHT Framework which includes 24 easy ways to DELIGHT your members and students.

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