Does your onboarding WOW your members and students?

Use our DELIGHT Onboarding Framework to make an awesome first impression 😍

Picture've had a successful launch 🎉

You just rocked your new members' & students' socks off during your launch and people are excited about their upcoming journey. You have worked really hard! You feel "on fire" and are super excited people purchased your offer!

BUT the next wake up to multiple DMs that arrived in the middle of the night with confused members & students wondering…WHAT DO I DO NEXT? check your FB group and see chatter in the community between members about how overwhelmed they are feeling. They too can't figure out their next steps!

You even see some of your new members questioning if they are cut out for your program and are talking about refunding. 

NOT Exactly what you planned!

Maybe deep down...
you know you need to change how you communicate important details with your community before you launch again...but you don't know where to start!

Our Onboarding Framework will delight your members and students with a great first impression and a clear path!

It's often said you get one chance to make a great first is yours?

Our DELIGHT Framework has 24 great onboarding tips that you can use immediately. Our framework will help you onboard your new members and students smoothly while creating a community that loves everything you do!

Download our free Onboarding Framework

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