$1,000.00 USD

The Name Game Course with Deb Mitchell

Are you ready to name "Your Thing"?

Learn (and accomplish!) in The Name Game Course:

  • Identify what your "Thing" is...yes you need to narrow down exactly what you want to name!
  • How to research your niche, industry, marketplace, market to create a name that matches
  • How to research your people...after all, you've got to know them to attract them!
  • Create a "Thing" Statement that will help keep you on track during the naming process.
  • Deb's Best Brainstorming Behaviors (remember this is one of her superpowers!)
  • Deb's unique proprietary methods...her 6-step naming process will walk you through the process step-by-step.
  • Follow Deb's naming strategies to spark remarkable results!
  • How to create Name Mashups.
  • Why using The Name Game's Word Banks can shorten your naming journey.
  • Actionable techniques that will revolutionize the way you vet and decide on your final name.
  • BONUS...you'll get Deb's secret sauce that NO ONE is teaching!
  • BONUS...AI tips and prompts to make the process a bit easier if you get stuck