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We're excited to offer our very unique Membership Spy Audit Services! You'll get an unbiased view of your membership experience. We'll pinpoint WOW opportunities and give you the good and bad all from a member's point-of-view.

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Imagine what could happen if you could get honest feedback on your member experience...

You are so close to both your members and your topic you are probably missing key elements that COULD help you retain more members while making your life easier! 

Here's how we can help...

Membership Spy FlyBy

Our entry-level program is our Flyby, which uses our targeted framework to help you find areas in your membership where you WILL improve your experience.

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Membership Spy Deep Dive

Our mid-level program is our Deep Dive where we'll dive into your membership and pull out the magnifying glass to gather eye-opening insights. You'll start the process by completing a FlyBy and you'll go to the next level when we start our Deep Dive!

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Membership Spy Pro

Our higher-level program is our Membership Spy Pro. This is for established membership owners who are taking retention very seriously. We "join" your membership for at least a month and go through everything your members are experiencing while analyzing all portions of your membership experience from top to bottom.

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Our Membership Spy program will give you an unbiased, objective opinion from our Head Spy, Founder, and membership lover, Deb Mitchell.

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